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Employee Engagement and Sentiment Analysis

Allows HR Leaders to see trends in employee happiness and spot issues early on. Sentiment controls are built into the system and can be set in anonymous mode which encourages people to say how they feel without fear of ramifications but still enabling HR leaders to spot culture or happiness issues per team, department, site or per manager. Explore More


Allows HR Leaders to manage the entire organisation including people, departments, teams and sites. Creating, updating and distributing Organisational Charts can be set to automatic saving valuable time. Built-in GDPR controls allows you to stay on the right side of data protection legislation. Explore More

Employee Performance Appraisal Reviews, Objectives and Bonus Management

will enhance your employee performance and link people’s objectives to reviews and bonus awards. Our platform also gives busy managers a way to assign clear objectives and perform consistant employee performance appraisals and quartlerly reviews. Now workers and see how they are performing against their objectives in real-time from the Mobile App. Our awards management feature allows leaders to easily create bonus schemes for all departments, even bonuses based on complex calcuations using our bonus scheme builder. Explore More


module allows HR Leaders and Managers to post articles onto the information feed and mobile intranet which can generate likes or suggestions from the audience. Messages can contain video, images, documents and plain text and can be posted to individuals, teams, departments or the entire organisation and messages can be set to urgent which can be delivered as SMS as well as through the platform. Explore More

Folders & Documents

modules allows HR Departments to improve efficiency by reducing the manual overhead of collecting and managing employee information including on-boarding documents and holiday or absence processes. Explore More

Mission & Values

Module allows HR to create a page accessible by all employees detailing the values and behaviour that the company expects all employees to aspire to. Each value and mission is #hash-tagged enabling great employee work or behaviour to be recognised and linked with a specific value.


StaffCircle offers advanced HR System Management features through its core communications and directory capability. Our extensible software provides easy to use and consume communications which link to other modules including directory, digital worksheets and performance and recognition capabilities which is delivered as online web software accessed by HR Management or a Smartphone App for employees.