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Performance Management Software

Create a consistently motivated workforce

Performance Management Tools

Performance management ensures that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner in a workplace. Having performance management in place allows you to consistently check how your employees are performing and alternatively, who is underperforming.

Our performance management system is designed to assist with delivering employee feedback, whilst still keeping employee engagement in mind. The software offers real-time employee feedback for regular one-to-ones, appraisals or employee reviews.

You’ll be able to identify inefficient practices within the business, reduce costs and therefore make your company more profitable. By building a formal structure around performance management and publishing its progress internally, you’ll encourage a harder working environment.

Employee engagement relates to feeling connected with a company whilst having a sense of feeling valued and appreciated. Using performance management tools, employers can play a key role in improving engagement and job satisfaction.

Performance management has the potential to make a big difference to your workforce. When organisations think like people, rather than a business, employee engagement can positively improve performance and motivation.

When utilised effectively, performance management can develop great leaders within a team, build a culture of recognition, encourage feedback and regular check-ins and establish a culture of development and growth. It also allows companies to tap into individual employees’ strengths to build a great team that equally achieves their goals.

Tracking your goals and outcomes with a performance management tool ensures that your objectives are constantly evolving. This supports driving engagement, encourages internal networking and improves company visibility. For HR managers, performance management tools are critical.

Performance In People

The effectiveness of a performance management system can make the difference between a company of top performing employees delivering goals, and a failing company where under-performers weigh the team down.

A motivated workforce will achieve the best results and performance management tools are central to keeping them on track by providing reliable and practical feedback.

Moving from traditional paper-based performance management tools to leaner, more agile technologies is a giant leap in the right direction. Software-based performance management tools are becoming increasingly important when it comes to keeping staff engaged and aligned with an organisation’s core objectives.

Key performance management tools include using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), SMART goals and stretch goals.

Employee engagement is a core element of effective performance management. By collaborating with employees, companies can provide a plan of action with the relevant tools and training needed to boost performance. This aspect is often overlooked, however, expanding the skill sets of your employees should be an integral part of performance management.

High staff turnover rates can be costly for any business and can be a headache. If employees know that their performance matters to you and that you appreciate the work they do, you’ll be more likely to keep staff retention rates high.

Whilst employees are receiving performance management, they are more likely to feel inspired and engaged to work on their own personal performance and goals.

At StaffCircle, our performance management tool streamlines your management processes and simplifies employee engagement and communications. It transforms standard workplace processes and unifies office and non-desk workers to provide consistent performance management.

Our performance management web demo allows you to automate performance management, provide communications for everyone, achieve long-term ROI through reduced employee turnover and absenteeism and integrate existing IT and operational systems in one easy-to-use and intuitive interface.