Microsoft Power Automate

Power up your technical stack with StaffCircle.

Extend the power of StaffCircle by connecting it to other apps using Microsoft Power Automate. Craft one seamless user experience and make the user feel like they are in one system. Create powerful workflows which integrate with your CRM, Marketing, Calendar, AI Cognitive Services and much more…

  • Add a new skill and award to an employee who completed a Microsoft Viva training course.
  • Connect Microsoft Cognitive Services to leverage Artificial Intelligence to understand the sentiment of the workforce by analysing conversations across multiple objects in the system
  • When someone joins the company create a new welcome message in StaffCircle and send them an onboarding video in Microsoft Viva and through Microsoft Teams
  • Automatic update value of StaffCircle Smart Objective when a deal is closed won in Salesforce
  • Dynamics or other supported CRMs.
  • Create a system wide alert in StaffCircle based on the status of a Microsoft Form.
  • Create a Task and Worksheet when someone joins or leaves the company
  • Block out my calendar automatically when I book a holiday.
  • Create a Microsoft SharePoint article whenever a StaffCircle Article is published.
  • Complete a Development Objective in StaffCircle when a Microsoft Viva Training course is completed.

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