OneLogin Integration

Easy secure login without the password drain.

Streamline your employee management and reduce administrative work with single sign on and user sync from OneLogin. Use the advanced directory to drive employee information inside StaffCircle and synchronise automatically to hundreds of other supporting applications.

Simplified username and password management:

  • SSO (Single sign-on) for all employees using their OneLogin username and password
  • Streamline Workforce Identity Management with OneLogin and StaffCircle.

Improved identity protection

  • Ability to enable 2FA (two factor authentication) through OneLogin and use it to authenticate users in StaffCircle
  • Automatic Data sync from OneLogin and other supported apps for both new and amended users

Reduced IT efforts and Security risks:

  • Automatic activation and de-activation of users in StaffCircle based on their OneLogin status
  • Connect StaffCircle to OneLogin’s 6000+ application integrations

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