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Microsoft teams integration

Drive your HR from within Microsoft Teams

Performance Management, Holidays, Culture, H&S all within Teams.

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“As established users of the Microsoft Teams platform we are excited at the potential to utilise StaffCircle’s people and resource management functionality under one platform. Using the Teams chat bot to create review sessions, set objectives and book holidays, with full calendar integration is an easy way to drive HR activities from within Teams and will really streamline our administration tasks.”

Rob Cunningham

Libra Europe Consulting are a pan sector consultancy specialising in performance improvement across people, process and systems.

The pandemic has forced many businesses to become more digital and invest time and energy into learning new ways of working. With our Microsoft Teams integration, you can future proof your HR and Culture capabilities without having to learn another new system or platform.

Your HR in Teams:

StaffCircle’s Teams integration enables many of the StaffCircle functions to be performed inside of the Microsoft Teams software, either on mobile or desktop.

It’s easy:

Enable the integration and users can install the StaffCircle Teams bot into their Microsoft Teams account for immediate access to many new features.

Performance Management

Book One2Ones with managers or employees.
Create a performance objective from within Teams.
Receive notifications of scheduled One2Ones and completion of objectives.
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Holidays and Time Off

Book a holiday or time off, instantly just with a click of a button. All logged.
See who is off in your team.
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Health & Safety and Critical Alerts

Send a critical alert to a team or site. This is multichannel and can go via SMS/Email/Push all by staying within the familiar Teams platform.
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How it Works With Microsoft Teams

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) product links directly with your Microsoft Teams channels to smartly communicate about any performance management objectives, holidays, knowledge sharing, awards and celebrations. StaffCircle saves you time and enables your organisation to become more resilient, build its culture, all while keeping employees on track through continuous performance management. The result is easy, real-time progress tracking through a conversational experience.

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Drive your Policies /
Health & Safety

How to add our Microsoft Teams Integration

Installing the Microsoft Teams integration is easy. To do this, go to Settings > Integrations, and click “Add Integration” below the Microsoft Teams option. Once that has been done, please see our article on how to add the Microsoft Teams Integration to your own account.

N.B. To install the Teams integration and for it to work properly, your StaffCircle Administrator will have first had to have turned it on in the Settings >Integrations area.