ADP Workforce Now Integration

Turn your ADP platform into an even more comprehensive solution

All your ADP Workforce Now features with the added benefits of Performance Management, Comms and Culture. Create a smoother user experience with single sign-on and user sync. Integrate and synchronise information by connecting StaffCircle to ADP Workforce Now and using the ADP user directory; drive employee information inside StaffCircle automatically.

Added Engagement & Culture and Performance Management

  • Access to newsfeeds employee feedback competency framework One2Ones and automated scheduling that integrates with Microsoft Outlook
  • Facilitate hourly paid workers to feel part of the company and its culture by enabling them to access their relevant individual progress information via Microsoft Teams

Seamless record keeping

  • Changes to the organisational chart department or an employee’s role are automated through the integration
  • Automatic user data sync from ADP and StaffCircle for new users and amendments

Easy username and password management

  • SSO (Single sign-on) for all employees using their ADP Workforce Now username and password
  • Streamline Workforce Identity Management with ADP and StaffCircle.
  • Automatic activation and de-activation of users in StaffCircle based on their OneLogin status

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