Working Shift Patterns

Streamline your shift pattern structure and get rid of the paperwork

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Shift patterns, zero-hours & night shifts

Shift patterns allow your organisation to provide a service across 24 hours of your working day, or extended hours for clients and customers who need your services or product most. When shift patterns are implemented into an employment practice, you’ll be able to extend your hours or employ more staff to work during hours which are of high demand and importance.

For example, some organisations will employ staff around the world, meaning that whilst we’re out of hours in the UK, team members on the other side of the world will be able to operate and offer full support.

There are various forms of shift patterns, including zero-hours, night shifts, four on – four off, staggered days, occasional weekend shifts and often, rotated shift patterns.

In order to streamline your shift pattern structure, you’ll need to plan shifts in advance, take into account upcoming holidays or requested leave of absence, avoid frequently changing rotas, keep rotas simple and fair, and also, avoid having a paper system in place.

Paper rotas are messy and can be difficult for employees and managers to keep track of new and updated shifts. Don’t be afraid to rely on technology and use a digitised HR module to organise and manage your shift patterns.

Digitise your shift pattern structure

  • If your organisation uses a shift pattern structure, you may find it somewhat difficult to keep track and regularly update shift patterns. For this reason, you may be looking to digitise your shift pattern structure to simplify the process of creating rotas and updating existing shifts.
  • Our shift patterns module enables you to configure various shift patterns as well as setting them in either hourly or daily mode. These work with both full and part-time employees, including those who are on zero-hour contracts.

Keep Your Workforce In The Loop

24 hour online access

When planning shift patterns, it’s critical that your employees are kept in the loop of their upcoming rotas and can access this wherever and whenever they need to. Our accesible solution answers that problem.

Last minute changes to shifts

From time to time, shift patterns may need to be changed or swapped. This can be complicated and messy if shifts are not digitised and if employees cannot access these real-time updated shift changes outside of work and in their own time. StaffCircle allows you to timely share weekly schedules and shift patterns, including shift changes, to keep everyone in the loop and in the know.