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HR & time off

Manually tracking sickness, approving holiday requests or updating employee information wastes precious professional time. Improve efficiency by automating HR tasks, so you can focus on output that has real impact on your organisation.

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Templated policies for consistency

Manage a global workforce

Data driven decisions with custom reports

Automated HR workflows, tasks & proceses

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HR Automation Improves Efficiency

Productive organisations need to maintain a robust process infrastructure. In process-heavy departments like HR, automation can have an enormous impact on the organisation’s bottom line. StaffCircle cuts out time-consuming manual record-keeping and updating, connecting processes and data to avoid repetitive manual input.

Enable inclusive, cross-functional teamwork

Set up users on the StaffCircle platform with either an email address or mobile number. Now, everyone gets updates, news, alerts and notifications, including difficult to reach frontline and field employees. Managers and users can find anyone in the organisation by searching their name, role, department or even skills. Everyone can view hierarchy and organisation charts, helping them understand the whole organisation. Users can collaborate and communicate across projects, teams and departments.

Multi-Location Workforce

Having a centralised platform for attendance, workforce location and shift patterns allows managers and HR teams to generate reports easily and spot potential issues. Bringing employees together through technology creates a community working toward a single goal, rather than single locations with different cultures and approaches focusing on separate company goals.

HR workflow automation and integration

Automating the employee lifecycle and HR workflows can improve satisfaction and confidence levels. For example, connecting recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, benefits, enrolment and payroll processing gives employees a seamless experience and helps HR teams manage and maintain accurate employee data securely and confidentially in one place. The StaffCircle platform allows for business scaling, growth, HR process optimisation and integration.

Sentiment analysis drives drives positive change

StaffCircle’s sentiment analysis technology combines natural language processing and machine learning. It interprets huge amounts of feedback to uncover organisational strengths and weaknesses, detecting positive and negative feelings in the workforce about organisational structure, management practices, workplace culture and critical communications. HR teams can make decisions and changes, based on trusted insight, to address issues and improve actions. When employees see the organisation learning and reacting to their needs and preferences, it encourages them towards further engagement and even more open communication. HR can then make decisions and changes, based on the data driven feedback, to address concerns, which in turn encourages more open communication and higher engagement. All of this, whilst maintaining complete employee confidentiality and privacy.

HR & time off features

People Database

Holiday & Sickness

Department & Org Chart



Sites & Check Ins

Employee Timeline

Deep Reporting Capabilities (including reporting on custom fields)

People Importer

Onboarding / Offboarding Worksheets

Absence Policies

Working Shift Patterns

Employee Analytics & Reports

Sentiment Analysis

Custom Fields e.g. visas, licences, equipment

Improve Workforce Productivity

Save time and streamline HR processes, employee lifecycle and workflows.

Sentiment Analysis Technology

Remove the digital divide and streamline communications to the entire workforce.

Overview Teams, Departments & Locations

Efficiently manage teams across multiple locations with an overview of sites, departments & individuals.

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