Reward and Recognise Success

Turn small actions into celebrated behaviours by rewarding and recognising your team whenever they embody the values of your organisation. 

Create a recognition culture

Use peer-to-peer awards to give everyone the chance to say well done. Design values based awards to provide easy way to recognise desired behaviours.

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Reduce employee turnover

When employees feel valued and aligned to the company culture, they bring their A-game every day and stick around for the journey.

Reward great behaviours

Encourage the behaviours you want to see by highlighting the company core values and promoting great behaviours within your workforce.

Develop your people

Integrate your core values into your succession planning with personal development plans that align both necessary skills and desired behaviours.

Employee Recognition Features

✔ Peer-to-peer recognition

✔ Manager-to-peer recognition

✔ Performance management

✔ Custom awards

✔ Social recognition

✔ Rewards

✔ Personal development plans

✔ Employee awards

✔ Peer awards

✔ Analytics & dashboards

✔ Data exporter

✔ Desktop, mobile & tablet

Customer Testimonials

“Its helped us provide consistent
performance management which has
increased our employee engagement and work performance.”

Dale Moreton, Managing Director


“StaffCircle connects all our employees
desk and non-desk based, improving
communication across our entire

Nik Wood, Operations Director

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