Improve Communications and Engagement App

On-demand internal communications for all of your people.

2-Way Internal Communications App

Enhances your ability to communicate with your non-desk and desk based workers using SMS, Email and App notifications. our Mobile Intranet allows all workers to receive and respond to your messages even if they don't have the app installed. This is critical for maximising engagement across your workforce.

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Activity Feed - Mobile Intranet Software

Allows staff to see all relevant information for their team and department as well as direct messages. Messaging and contain video, photos and text as well as attachments and links to other modules or external web pages.

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Likes and Suggestions

Feature allows employees to like a particular post and submit suggestions or ideas which are automatically routed to managers based on the post relevance and hashtag.

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Importance and Pinning

Capabilities allow messages marked as urgent to go out via any communications route necessary to reach its recipient. This includes In-App Notifications (mobile and desktop), SMS (mobile only) or Email (mobile and desktop). Pinning allows certain messages to stay on-top for a period of time to ensure they are read – useful in a busy feed.

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Push Notifications

Push is an effective way to communicate with your people. Send notification messages and urgent alerts directly to your employee’s phone or computer screen and ensure they see company alert or update even if they don’t have the app installed. Employees can also comment and reply back to these messages enabling 2-way feedback.


Effective internal communications is the cornerstone of every successful organisation, however managing effective communications for a large, distributed or non-office based workforce can be challenging. Effective communication forms the core capability of the StaffCircle mobile intranet platform using an Internal Communications app.

Corporates with large workforces or organisations with smaller but distributed non-office based workers will benefit from our employee communications platform because it connects every member of staff and provides a consistent experience across the company.

Chat software like Slack and Skype are conversational tools whereas StaffCircle was designed ground up to deliver structured, workflow based communications, powering productivity across distributed, desk and non-desk based workforces.

A multi-channel internal communications app forms StaffCircle’s core capability enabling consistent communications across all staff, even if they don’t have the app installed. This is important because it means that important messages get automatically routed via SMS, Email or In-App alerts simultaneously ensuring delivery. For urgent or time-sensitive messages, this multi-channel capability is critical.

Effective communication means better employee engagement and this results in improved productivity and empowerment. Ask for a demo of our workforce communications software today.