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A Guide To Best Practices For Working From Home

The impact of Covid-19 on the global workforce has been both unanticipated and unprecedented. As governments implement lockdown measures and limit on-site employees to key/essential workers only, remote workers have gone from making up a small but steadily growing portion of the workforce to the

A Guide To Understanding The Bradford Factor For Absence Management

Sickness absence has become an increasing cause for concern for many companies, with changing legislation, greater competitive pressures and other factors leading to mounting costs for employers. The Bradford Factor calculator provides companies with an effective early warning system, highlighting for managers those employees experiencing

A Guide To Structuring Return-To-Work Interviews

Understanding the needs and requirements of employees’ health and well-being is crucial if you want to ensure a healthy and productive workplace. If work-related stress or illness gets out of hand, the costs to businesses can be high. Return to work interviews can help provide

6 Effective Ways To Combat Winter Sickness

As the winter blues arrive, many companies struggle to deal with increases in sickness absence in the workplace. Colds and flus start to do the rounds, while Seasonal Affective Disorder brings with it additional causes for employee sick days which are more challenging for employers