Digitise forms and Workflow

Systemise processes and visualise task progress

Real-time Task Progress

Now all tasks assigned to people across the organisation are visible and progress tracked. Alerts for overdue tasks can notify managers of Issues and Tasks with critical priorities can trigger escalations.

Build Worksheets Visually

Converting your paper based forms to digital worksheet templates has never been easier thanks to our drag-and-drop visual worksheet builder.

Digital signing of worksheets on any device

Signing forms digitally can now take place on any device. Adding digital signing capability to your Worksheet is easy via the drag and drop visual builder.

Task Performance Analytics

Powerful analytics enables you to easily see task statuses across the organisation and identify trouble areas. Task Performance is also recorded in each person's timeline giving managers better insights into employees performance.

Templated Worksheets with Change Control

Manage large numbers of Worksheets easily with our Worksheet control system with built in change management.

Output Task Data into other Systems

Completed worksheets can be downloaded as CSV files, PDFs or streamed into other applications via integration aggregators such has Zapier and Microsoft Flow.



Enables the Digitisation of many paper based processes without requiring any new or specialised hardware. Works on any web based device


Digitising forms and tasks creates better visibility and control for management and removes friction for the end-user

Improve Human Resource Management

Access anwhere HR Tools for Desk and Non-Desk based employees & contractors

Organisations that want to take the next step in their digital journey to improve productivity

StaffCircle enables you to safely take the step in your digital journey by optimising the most difficult parts and processes within your Organisation.

Giving the modern workforce a modern Tasking Solution

Your modern workforce already uses smartphone technology at home. Leverage this skill by enabling tasking through StaffCircle's modern mobile-first platform.

Delivering Consistency and accuracy through automation

Less paper means more accuracy, control and visibility. Digitising Tasks and Worksheets means the automation and workflows can optimise your operations and improve both customer and employee experience.