How to empower employees to maximise success

Master the three pillars of employee success to create a thriving, productive workforce.

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Create a thriving workforce by understanding the three pillars of employee success.

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Empowered employees are successful employees

It’s a fact.

Employees that are engaged with their company’s mission are driven to succeed.

And the result of a more engaged workforce is enhanced business growth.

That’s because empowered employees:

  • Are more productive
  • Have better job satisfaction
  • Gain the freedom to innovate
  • Are stronger collaborators
  • Create better customer experiences

But engaging employees is no simple task.

It’s not a case of implementing some quick-fix policies. No amount of beanbags, pizza parties or dress-down days will create true employee empowerment.

Instead, employee empowerment comes from your company culture. You need to focus on your mission, your values and how you operate.

Empowering employees in 2023: what’s changed?

In the modern, distributed workplace, employee expectations have changed.

People management is no longer limited to in-person experiences. The rise in hybrid working has significantly changed employee satisfaction strategies.

Three key areas of change are:

  • Flexible workplaces
  • Employee well-being
  • Autonomous working

In order to create truly empowered employees, you need to ensure that your strategy for success includes a plan for each area.

Empowering employees through flexible working

Hybrid and remote working is a desirable job benefit across many roles.

But as a people leader, you can’t just hand your team laptops and hope for the best. You need to flex your strategies to continue engaging, developing and managing your team effectively.

Coupled with the rise of remote working is a desire for more flexible schedules. No longer are employees limited to strict 9-5 schedules when looking for new jobs.

Empowered employees are recognised for their achievements, not by time tracking.

Unlocking the power of asynchronous communication is key to attracting high-performing workers. Every organisation needs a central hub for communication, that equally balances the input of in-office, hybrid and remote workers.

Support employees to achieve better well-being

No longer something discussed behind closed doors, employee mental health is now a top priority.

Empowered employees are equipped with the tools they need to carry out their role effectively. They’re given the feedback they need to grow, and must be supported to perform at their best.

Of course, this becomes more difficult when working remotely.

Creating an open, honest culture is key to promoting a healthy work-life balance.

You need to build an employee success strategy and use the right tools to check-in with your team, no matter where they’re working from.

Empower employees by promoting autonomy

Flatter organisational models are on the rise, replacing historic hierarchical structures.

Empowered employees have decision-making responsibilities, and can take ownership of their work effectively.

This can only be achieved by building a culture of trust. You need to encourage experimentation, foster innovation and align individual goals with overall business aims to succeed.

The ultimate employee success strategy

Empowering employees needs to begin with a strategy that covers the fundamentals of success.

Without it, smaller empowerment strategies will fall short of your main goal.

In our eBook, we cover the ultimate employee success strategy. A streamlined approach that works for in-office and distributed workforces alike.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • How to master the three pillars of employee success
  • The two vital processes that underpin every empowerment strategy
  • How to leverage real-time employee analytics to strengthen your strategy

The three pillars of employee success

In order to create true employee success, you need to master the three pillars of employee success.

They are the fundamentals of creating a thriving workforce.:

  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement
  • Skill development

Often, businesses focus on just one; or consider them single, separate entities. However, the most productive workforces are built on a combination of all three.

Download this eBook to discover how the combination of all three pillars drives empowered employees to succeed.

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