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Communications & Culture Software

Remove the digital divide and communicate effectively and consistently with your entire workforce, wherever they’re based.

Instant communication to front-line workers

SMS, email & mobile notifications

Reinforce core values & behaviour

All visible on one configurable screen

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For an engaged and motivated workforce

Synchronise communications to reflect your organisation’s mission, vision and values to create a unified workforce with a shared purpose. Using SMS, email, mobile push and desktop notification, ensures the delivery of comms wherever your team is based.

Multi-channel communication

Research suggests that 57% of employees are not being given clear directions and 69% of managers are not comfortable communicating with employees in general. Effective communication helps disseminate organisational goals and helps coworkers collaborate. Provide consistent and easy access to your internal communications using mobile phone, pc, laptop, or tablet without any app install required. The integrated multichannel platform incorporates aspects of traditional and digital communications, from templated crisis communications to online feedback. Ensure your messages are received loud and clear and with the appropriate action taken, with visibility to analytics and dashboards all in one place.

Critical alerts

When a crisis occurs, top-level managers tend to focus their communication efforts on their external audiences — including journalists and customers — and it’s understandable.t This means that management can overlook the importance of communicating with employees. Not only does effective communication help you avoid the spread of misinformation across the organisation, but it also helps to ensure continuous productivity. Using our platform, you can push new articles and critical alerts to specific teams or an entire workforce using SMS, email, InApp alerts and push notifications, receiving real time updates.

Reinforce core values

Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones. Encourage the behaviors you want to see by aligning the company core values and internal communications. It is important to lead by example and address any potential disconnect between what’s written down in a strategic plan or pinned to the wall and what is actually done in the organisation. Employees are highly aware of these discrepancies and it’s critical to align your actions, communications, values and mission.

Holistic view

Internal communications is often thought of as top-down messaging, written by leaders for the consumption of employees. But truly effective communication is a two-way process. Coordinating multiple teams to share messages, alerts and articles is crucial to keep employees engaged and being able to view this holistically, on one screen, is crucial to managing that two-way communication. The platform allows you to organise and configure which conversations you want to view in real-time, access summary reports to understand engagement, send critical messages at a click of a button, examine KPI’s, analyse feedback and so much more.

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Improve Workforce Engagement

Remove the digital divide and streamline communications to the entire workforce.

Actively Promote Values

Encourage behaviour by aligning the company core values and communications.

Increase Morale & Productivity

Carry out internal reviews, give feedback and take action through multi-channel communication.

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