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Communications & Culture Software

Break through the digital divide and communicate effectively, consistently and interactively with your whole workforce. Wherever they’re based and whatever their workstyle, they’ll be informed and included.

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Instant communication to front-line workers

SMS, email & mobile notifications

Reinforce core values & behaviour

All visible on one configurable screen

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Engage and motivate your workforce

Synchronise all the vital communications that reflect your organisation’s mission, vision and values. Using SMS, email, mobile push and desktop notifications, you can make sure key messages and information reach everyone, whatever channel and device they use and wherever they are. Make sure every message is received loud and clear, with the same impact on everyone.

Multi-channel communication

57% of employees are not given clear directions and 69% of managers are not comfortable communicating with employees. No wonder performance is compromised! Effective communication is key to share organisational goals and to help co-workers collaborate. Use StaffCircle to give consistent and easy access to internal communications via mobile, PC, laptop or tablet with no need to install an app. Our integrated, multi-channel platform provides digital templates for everything from crisis communication to online feedback. Review delivery and uptake using built-in analytics and dashboards.

Critical alerts

When a crisis happens, senior managers often understandably focus on external communications to customers and the media. But employee communication is at least as vital. Stop the spread of misinformation, give clear direction about actions to take and help people maintain productivity. With StaffCircle, you can deliver new articles and critical alerts to specific teams or an entire workforce using SMS, email, InApp alerts and push notifications, with real-time updates.

Reinforce core values

Core values guide your organisation’s actions: they serve as cultural cornerstones. Encourage the behaviours you want to see by reflecting core values in every internal communication. With one platform to communicate across all channels, it’s easier to control and monitor consistency and tone. Templates help managers to communicate in a way that supports one organisational culture.

Enable two-way communication

Truly effective and engaging communication is a two-way process. With StaffCircle, you can coordinate multiple teams to share messages, alerts and articles. Workers can organise and configure the conversations that are important to them. Managers can see a holistic view of everything that’s being discussed in real time. They can access summary reports to understand engagement, send critical messages at the click of a button and continually view and analyse feedback. The platform allows you to organise and configure which conversations you want to view in real-time, access summary reports to understand engagement, send critical messages at a click of a button, examine KPI’s, analyse feedback and so much more.

Comms & culture features

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Social Intranet

Mission & Values

Critical Alerts

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Multi-channel Communications

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Improve Workforce Engagement

Remove the digital divide and streamline communications to the entire workforce.

Actively Promote Values

Encourage behaviour by aligning the company core values and communications.

Increase Morale & Productivity

Carry out internal reviews, give feedback and take action through multi-channel communication.

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