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Module: Reviews

Persona: Manager

How to complete feedback questions for an employee’s review

In this lesson, you will learn how to answer and submit feedback as part of an employee’s review – this could be any type of review from an annual appraisal to a quick 121. The feedback questions associated with a review contain a pre-defined set of questions (or statements) which you can respond to as part of the review process.

If you are required to provide feedback, you will receive an email notification confirming this with a direct link to the feedback questions. Note that not all review types require you to submit feedback.

Step One

Navigate to the Objectives and Reviews area of StaffCircle using the side-bar navigation on the left-hand side of your screen. This is usually displayed as a clip board icon.

If you are using our New Menu Feature, hover over the Objectives and Reviews section of the side-bar, then navigate to:


Select the Reviews title and proceed with step four.

Step Two

The Page will default to displaying the Objectives area of the platform. Click on the REVIEWS tab at the top of the page to take you to the reviews section of the platform.

Step Three

Select the MANAGE button in the top right-hand corner of your screen to access the Manager functions of the objective area.

Remember that the MYSELF mode will display all of your own reviews, however the MANAGE mode will allow you to configure reviews for the employees that you manage where you are the Reviewer.

Step Four

This is the Review Manager screen and will display a list of reviews, including the reviews of the employees that you manage.

Underneath the ‘Feedback Status’ section of the table you will see a series of people icons – all of which pertain to a different individuals who have feedback questions associated with the review.

The two person icon above is associated with the Reviewer (you) and will initially appear in red to indicate that the feedback questions have not been submitted. The individual icon is representative of the Reviewee (employee). Once the feedback questions have been shared these icons will display in green.

Step Five

Click on the title of the review to open up the Review Details page. Underneath the ‘Feedback Questions’ section you will see a block which represents the feedback questions required for the review.

We would recommend waiting for the Reviewee (Employee) to complete their feedback questions prior to the Reviewer (Manager) completing their questions. When feedback has been submitted, the blue clock under the feedback questions area will change to a green tick.

Click the ‘Manage’ button to start completing your feedback questions.

Step Six

Navigate though the feedback questions to the right-hand side of the screen, ensuring that you respond to all mandatory feedback questions. Depending on the question type, you may be required to provide a written response, or click a button associated with a score/rating.

In some instances, the feedback questions may be categorised in to different sections – this will be indicated in bold above where the questions sit.

Your responses will automatically save in draft form as you respond to the questions. This means that you can start your feedback and then return to complete this at a later date.

You can view shared feedback whilst you are completing your feedback questions (including the Reviewees feedback) under the Supporting Information panel to the left. Toggle through to the FEEDBACK section and click on the chevron to drop-down the responses.

Step Seven

Once you have provided a response to your feedback questions the ‘Share Feedback’ button will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the pull-out drawer. Click the ‘Share Feedback’ button. A pop-up will appear in the centre of the screen to confirm this action – click ‘Yes, Submit Feedback’ in order to submit your feedback questions.