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Module: Reviews

Persona: Manager

Overview: Review Manager Page

The Review Manager page will default to displaying a list of open reviews in the platform – this will include any reviews where you are the Reviewer.

Depending on what permissions you have associated with your account you may be able to see reviews for all employees within your downline, or all employees within your organisation.

In this lesson we will look at the different aspects of the Review Manager page which can help you to manage reviews in the platform easily.


The grid will display a list of open reviews. You can open any of the reviews below by clicking on the title of the review to the far left of the row.

Within the table you will also be able to view other high level information including the name of the Reviewee and the Reviewer.

The icons under the Feedback Status area pertain to a different individuals who have feedback questions associated with the review. Red icons indicate that the feedback questions have not been submitted, green icons indicate that the responses to the feedback questions have been shared.

The Score progress bar will populate once the Reviewer has responded to their feedback questions – this is calculated based on the weighting for the scored questions.

Depending on what permissions are associated with your account, you may have the ability to delete or edit information in the review. Editing the review will allow you to update information such as the due date or review title. The edit (pencil) and delete (trash can) icons can be found to the right of the grid.


Click on the chevron to the far right of the filters bar to reveal the filters. Here you can filter reviews based on the Title, the type of review (Review Template), the Reviewee (Assigned to), and the Reviewer (Review Performed By).

Interactive Buttons

The buttons with the colourful icons above the filter bar are interactive and will become usable once a review falls in to any of these categories. This makes it easier to filter down the reviews to those that are overdue, due within the next 7 days etc.

These buttons can be used in conjunction with the filter bar – meaning that you can see all overdue reviews for a specific employee for example.

Filter Bar Buttons

There are a number of different buttons in the filter bar which can help you to view certain types of reviews. The people icon (depending on what security permissions are associated with your account) will display either reviews within your team, your downline, or all reviews within your organisation. This will be apparent when you hover over the button.

The tick icon will include completed reviews in your search – completed reviews include a green tick icon to the left of the screen.

The circular arrow icon will reset any filters which you have applied.