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Module: Skills

Persona: Manager

Add or Remove an employee’s skill

In this lesson, we will look at how you can update an employee’s skill level via their Profile. Skill levels can also be updated using the Skills Assessment feature which may have been enabled for a review you are conducting.

A skill level refers to the proficiency or competency level attained in a specific skill. It indicates the extent of knowledge, expertise, and capability a person possesses in a particular area. In the StaffCircle platform, skill levels are illustrated in the form of red, yellow, and green coloured cubes. This guide will also explain what these coloured cubes represent.

Skills can be assigned at a role level, which may have been configured by your system administrator.

Step One

Navigate to People section of the platform in MANAGE mode. This will display a list of employee’s that you manage.

If you are using our new menu feature, hover over the People section of the side-bar, then navigate to:

Manage ➡️People

Select the People title and skip to step two of this guide.

Step Two

Select the name of the employee from the list to open up their profile.

Step Three

Select the Skills tab from the left-hand side bar to view the employee’s associated skills and their current skill level.

Step Four

Select the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner to open the SELECT SKILLS pull-out drawer. This drawer will contain a list of skills in the platform.

Step Five

Toggle the switch next to the skill on to add this to the employee’s profile.

Toggle the switch next to the skill off to remove this from the employee’s profile.

Step Six

Once the skill has been assigned to the employee, the skill level for this skill can be set. Click the ‘+SET SKILL LEVEL’ text next to the skill to open the SET SKILL LEVEL FOR [SKILL NAME] pop-up.

Step Seven

Select the box which coincides with the employee’s current skill level. Then click the SET SKILL LEVEL button to make this change. This change will now reflect on the employee’s profile.