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Module: Skills

Persona: Employee

View your assigned skills

In this lesson, we will look at how you can view your assigned skills, the skill level associated with each skill, and whether you are in surplus or deficit for a skill (in correspondence with your role).

Step One

Log in to the platform and click your icon in the top right-hand corner of any screen, then select ‘Profile’ drop the drop-down. This will open up your personal profile.

Step Two

Click on the Skills option to the left-hand side to display a list of your assigned skills.

Step Three

Skills are assigned to roles and used to measure proficiency levels. This page shows your current proficiency compared to the desired level.

The light green boxes illustrate your current proficiency in that skill (if that skill is associated with your role), and if you see a tick within a circle then you are meeting the skill level required for your role. If the skill is not associated with your role, but you demonstrate proficiency in this skill then your skill level will display as yellow boxes.

The dark green boxes show that you are in surplus of that skill, the number (i.e +1) next to this skills will advise as to how much you are in surplus of a skill.

If you see any red boxes, then it indicates that you are in deficit of that skill is correspondence with your role. This suggests yours areas of improvement.