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Module: Skills

Persona: Manager

Update an employee’s skill level

In this lesson, we will look at how you can update an employee’s skill level via their Profile. Skill levels can also be updated using the Skills Assessment feature which may have been enabled for a review you are conducting.

A skill level refers to the proficiency or competency level attained in a specific skill. It indicates the extent of knowledge, expertise, and capability a person possesses in a particular area. In the StaffCircle platform, skill levels are illustrated in the form of red, yellow, and green coloured cubes. This guide will also explain what these coloured cubes represent.

Skills can be assigned at a role level, which may have been configured by your system administrator.

Step One

Navigate to the People area of the platform using the left-hand side bar. Then click on the MANAGE button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to access the Managerial functions.

If you are using our new menu feature, hover over the People section of the side-bar, then navigate to:

Manage ➡️People

Select the People title and skip to step two of this guide.

Step Two

The employee’s visible on this page is likely to be restricted to the employees you manage. Select the name of the employee from the list to open up their profile area.

Step Three

Select Skills from the side bar on the left-hand side. This will open up the skills area of the employees profile. From this screen to can add, remove, and update skill levels for each skill.

Step Four

Select the name of the skill from the list to open a pop-up in the centre of your screen. This is where you can update the employee’s skill level.

Using the example above, we can see that Adele’s skill level for Communication is currently 3, however the skill level required for her role is 4. This is indicated in the Current vs Required section, but the red box and -1 indicator also illustrate this deficit.

Step Five

Click on the box associated with the employee’s skill level. The skill level can be moved upwards to indicate growth or surplus, or down to indicate deficit.

Updating the boxes highlights the SET SKILL LEVEL button which is where this change can be saved against the employee’s skill.