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Module: Awards & Feedback

Persona: Employee

Provide feedback to a Colleague

In this lesson, we will look at how you can provide feedback to a colleague.

Providing feedback to an employee can help to clarify expectations, help employees learn from their mistakes and builds confidence in their work.

Step One

Navigate to the People section of the platform using the left-hand sidebar. This will display a list of all employees within your organisation.

If you are using our New Menu Feature, hover over the People section of the side-bar, then navigate to:

People ➡️Directory

Select the Directory title and proceed with step two.

Step Two

Click on the name of the employee you wish to provide feedback to. This will open up an overview of their profile to the right-hand side of the screen.

Step Three

Under the FEEDBACK section of the form you can choose to provide feedback on either culture, or the employees performance. In doing so a number of boxes will coincide with each one of the company’s values, and competencies.

Select a box which applies to the type of feedback you are providing and write your feedback in the text box underneath.

Step Four

Click on the ‘NEXT’ button, then provide a star rating from one to five stars.

Click the ‘Send Feedback’ button to submit the feedback to the employee.

The employee will receive a notification to say that feedback has been provided. The employee will be able to see who has provided that feedback alongside the feedback itself. The employee’s manager will also receive a notification.

The employee’s manager will also be able to view this feedback when they are completing the employees next review in StaffCircle.