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Module: Reviews

Persona: Administrator

Audience Types

Reviews can have different contributing participants, and these participants can be associated with their own feedback questions for a review. When creating feedback questions, you will be able to select the participant/audience type.

The available participant types are as follows:


In most instances, the Reviewer will be the Reviewee’s manager however, with Sensitive Reviews this is opened expanded the possibilities to other types of Reviewers such as HR Managers, Mental Health First Aiders, etc.

The Reviewer is a mandatory participant for the review and must have feedback questions to respond to.


The Reviewee is the individual whom the review is about and this personal can often be used interchangeably with ‘Employee’. Whilst a review is always created against a Reviewee, the Reviewee themselves does not always have feedback questions to respond to.

🚹Internal Reviewer

These are other individuals within the business who may have interacted with the Reviewee on projects or in day to day tasks. These individuals may not work within the same department, and may not be part of the employee’s reporting line. Internal Reviewers are usually used for 360 reviews, and multiple Internal Reviewers can be selected to provide feedback on a single review.

Internal reviewers must by in the StaffCircle platform as another employee.

🚹Direct Reports

These will be the people that are directly managed by the Reviewee. Using this persona is a great way for the Reviewee to receive feedback on their management style.

🚹External Reviewers

This participant type can be anyone external to the StaffCircle platform, for example a third party Supplier or a Customer/Client. They will be people you want to obtain feedback from that don’t currently exist in the platform as ‘people’.

External Reviewers are the only Participant types that don’t have direct access to the platform.