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Module: Reviews

Persona: Manager

How to create a new Review for an Employee

Reviews in the platform are individually tailored for your organisation, this includes the types of reviews, the individuals involved, and the questions asked as part of the review. Reviews in your platform may vary from more formal types of review (probationary reviews, annual appraisals, quarterly reviews etc.) to more informal types of reviews (121s or quick check-ins).

Creating a review in the platform is quick and easy, and if there is a reoccurrence you may only need to perform the below steps once (this lesson will show you where you can verify this).

Step One

Navigate to the Objectives and Reviews area using the side-bar navigation on the left-hand side of your screen. This is usually displayed as a clip board icon. Opening this page will display all your open personal objectives.

If you are using our new menu feature, hover over the Objectives and Reviews section of the side-bar, then navigate to:

Manage ➡️Reviews

Select the ➕ next to Reviews and skip to step five of this guide.

Step Two

Select the MANAGE button in the top right-hand corner of your screen to access the Manager functions of the objective area.

Remember that the MYSELF mode will display all of your own reviews, however the MANAGE mode will allow you to configure reviews for the employees that you manage where you are the Reviewer.

Step Three

This is the Review Manager screen and will display a list of reviews, including the reviews of the employees that you manage.

Which reviews you are able to see in the list will depend on how your platform has been configured, and which permissions are associated with your account. For example, you may be able to view all of your reviews assigned to employees within your downline, or this may be restricted to your direct reports.

Step Four

Click on the ‘+ ADD’ button to open the Add Review pull-out drawer. This starts the process of adding a new review to the platform.

Step Five

The drawer will contain a series of tiles – each of which pertains to a type of review in the platform. You will initially see the six most-used review tiles, however you can use the search functionality or utilitise the ‘View all’ button to find a different review.

Hovering over the objective tile will provide further information as to what the review will contain. For example: Will the Reviewer be able to review the employee’s objectives as part of this review? Does this review re-occur?

The highlighted people icons within the tile are associated with the feedback questions for the review. For many reviews, feedback questions are required by both the Reviewee and the Reviewer.

Step Six

Selecting the title will take you through to the first screen of the wizard – here you have the ability to update the Title and Description or the review. This is pre-populated by the template and in most cases doesn’t need to be updated.

Step Seven

You will now need to assign the review to the employee or employee(s) from the ‘Reviewee‘ drop-down menu.

The Reviewer will default to the employee’s manager, however you can select another name from the drop-down menu if you wish to change this to another individual.

Select the NEXT button at the bottom of the page to move on to the next screen.

Step Eight

Use the date-picker to select a due date for the review, here you can also specify a time for the review to take place.

Once the review has been created, a notification will be sent to the Reviewee and the Reviewer. This email will contain an .ics file attachment which creates an event in the individual’s calendar. The date and time you specify on this screen will be reflected in the .ics invitation.

Step Nine

On the next screen, you are able to upload a document to the review. Otherwise, click the NEXT button to move to the next screen.

Step Ten

This is the final page which summarises the information entered on the previous sections. Double-check the information in the drawer, and click the SAVE button to finish adding the review to the platform.