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Module: Holiday & Absence

Persona: Manager

Add an absence on behalf of an employee

In this lesson, we will look at how you can add an absence on behalf of an employee. As someone with managerial permissions, you are able to book both holidays and other absences for the employees that you manage.

Note that some absence types cannot be requested by the employee themselves, so you may be required to log this on their behalf regardless

Speak to your system administrator for information on booking absences (particularly sickness) within StaffCircle.

Step One

Navigate to the Time Off area using the side-bar navigation on the left-hand side of your screen. This is usually displayed as a a person laying in a bed. This page will load your personal holiday entitlement.

Then click on the MANAGE button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to access the Managerial functions of the Time Off area.

If you are using our new menu feature, hover over the Time Off section of the side-bar, then navigate to:

Manage ➡️Requests

Select the ➕ next to Requests and skip to step two of this guide.

Step Two

This is the Time Off Management area of the platform, which will display a list of all absences pertaining to the employees that you manage – including any holiday and other absence requests (sickness etc.).

Click on the ADD button to the right of the screen, this will open the ADD ABSENCE pull-out drawer.

Step Three

Select the employee’s name under the ‘Person’ drop-down menu, then select the type of absence which applies (‘Holiday’ will be included in this drop-down). For some absences, there may be a second drop-down to complete i.e what type of sickness does the employee have?

Adjust the dates of the absence under the Select Date(s)* field (you can use the MORNING and AFTERNOON buttons if the absence pertains only to a half day).

Absences can be amended after they have been submitted. For example, if the employee is off sick for a further period of time.

The drawer will advise as to whether there is anyone else who has requested time off during that period of time (regardless as to whether it’s currently in a pending state).

The system will take in to account any typical working hours/days and any non-working days (i.e bank holidays). So if a bank holiday date (or a weekend date) has been included in the request then this will not impact the employee’s holiday allowance.

Step Four

Check that the details within the drawer are correct before clicking the SAVE button. This will add the employee’s absence to the platform and will be automatically approved.

The employee will also be able to see this absence under the relevant HOLIDAY or ABSENCE tab in the MYSELF view.