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Module: Holiday & Absence

Persona: Manager

Add an absence on behalf of an employee

You can use StaffCircle to add an absence on behalf of an employee. As someone with managerial permissions to the holiday and absence module, you are able to book both holidays and other absence types on behalf of your direct reports.

In most instances, you will be using the platform to log other absence types such as sickness, however what you are able to request on behalf of an employee will depend on how your platform has been configured. Some absence types cannot be requested by the employee themselves, so you may be required to log this on their behalf – your platform administrator will be able to advise you best.

Step One

Hover over the Time Off section of the side-bar, then navigate to: Manage ➡️Requests. Select the ➕ next to Requests to open the NEW REQUEST pull-out drawer to the right.

Step Two

Select the name of the employee under the ‘Person’ drop-down menu, then select the type of absence which applies (‘Holiday’ will be included in this drop-down). For some absences, there may be a second drop-down to complete, this will appear when the absence has been selected.

Step Three

Update the date range in the ‘Select Date(s)’ field. If the employee is taking half of a day then select either the MORNING or AFTERNOON buttons. Some absence types may ask how many hours the employee will be away from the business, you will need to populate this field should it appear.

Absences can be amended after they have been submitted. For example, if the employee is off sick for more time than that specified in the absence request.

Absence requests can be backdated.

Step Four

The Overlaps section of the form will detail any absence requests submitted by individuals within your team. This is regardless as to whether the request is approved or in a pending this state.

The system will take in to account any typical working hours/days and any non-working days (i.e bank holidays). So if a bank holiday date (or a weekend date) has been included in the request then this will not impact the employee’s holiday allowance. An employee cannot have overlapping absences.

Step Five

Add a note in the text box at the bottom of the form (some text may have already been pre-populated for you, but we would recommend changing this for non-holiday absence requests). Submissions cannot be made until this text box has been populated.

Click the SAVE button to submit the absence request. This will appear in the Manager Time Off area with an approved status – this is due to the fact you would be the individual approving the request anyway.

The employee will receive a notification to confirm that this request has been logged and this will appear in their personal absences area.