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Module: Getting Started

Persona: Manager

Your Success Circle

Your organisation may have configured your platform to use our Success Circle feature. Your personal Success Circle is comprised of multiple segments – each of which pertain to one of your Company’s Competencies.

These ‘Competencies’ can be anything from; personal performance, creativity, speed of output. Through to company specifics such as; risk, culture & brand or even time management.

You can view your personal Success Circle by navigating to the Reviews section of the platform (as if you were about to view your open personal reviews). Using the Success Circle, you can see exactly how you are performing against each company competency, and perhaps highlight areas for personal development.

The Success Circle is interactive, and clicking on a individual segment will open a panel to the left-hand side of your screen. This will contain a breakdown as to how the segment calculation has been made. You can select another competency by using the drop-down at the top of the panel.

Factors which contribute to your Success Circle may include:

  • Feedback from another employee
  • Personal awards (including peer to peer awards)
  • Completing Objectives
  • Review Feedback

If order for the segments of the Success Circle to grow, the contributing factors above must all be aligned to the company’s competencies.