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Module: Getting Started

Persona: Manager

Downloading the Teams App

This guide will explain how you can add the StaffCircle app to your Microsoft Teams. We would recommend installing this app after you have completed the sign-up process so that you receive prompt notifications regarding activity with your account.

The Teams app can only be utilised if this has been configured for your platform. We would recommend speaking to your system administrator if you are not sure.

Step One

Open Microsoft teams on your device of choice, and select the three dots on the left-hand side bar.

Step Two

Type ‘StaffCircle‘ in to the search bar and select the StaffCircle app from the results.

Step Three

Click the ADD button to add the StaffCircle tab to the left-hand menu. 

Step Four

Select the app icon from the left-hand side bar. Upon doing so, you’ll be prompted to sign in using your StaffCircle credentials.

To get started using the integration, start by typing “Help” and click ‘Enter’. This will present you with the StaffCircle Bot Commands that you can use to control various elements of the StaffCircle Platform.