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StaffCircle University: Manager Accreditation

Take StaffCircle’s Manager Accreditation to show that you’re proficient in the tools that help high-performing teams work at their best.

This accreditation is ideal for those who want to test their knowledge of StaffCircle’s functions and become more proficient with advanced admin features. The Accreditation is suitable for both new and experienced managerial platform users.

To achieve this accreditation, improve your knowledge of StaffCircle’s features by accessing the relevant lessons in the University filters to the left.

About the accreditation:

Successful completion of this accreditation demonstrates your excellence at using the manager features of the StaffCircle platform.

The quiz covers various platform functions, including:

  • Objectives
  • Reviews
  • Holiday & absences
  • People & groups

To receive StaffCircle Manager Accreditation status and your certificate, you need to score 80% or above.