Manager Must-Haves: 4 Tips For Mastering Performance Reviews and The Feedback Loop

The ever-changing landscape of today’s industry has forced managers to rethink how they handle performance reviews. Even those who had their performance review game mastered now have to learn better, more effective ways to administer 1:1 reviews as well as the feedback loop they foster with their teams. Employees, in fact, crave more feedback, better…

The return on Investment Case for implementing Digital Performance Management

Asking your managers to get the most from their teams should be straightforward, right? All they have to do is provide the right direction, set clear goals and hold regular meetings, yes? Well no, there’s a lot more to it. Enabling your workforce’s performance to skyrocket requires continuous communication and feedback and both employee and line manager…

Skyrocket Employee Performance With Regular 1:1 Performance Reviews

Employee performance is the secret sauce to business success in any industry. Getting the highest level of productivity, however, can be the most elusive of all your business objectives. One way to ensure employee performance is optimised is to measure it (which makes logical sense), but businesses often get the performance review wrong. Take a…

Enabling continuous feedback loops using Digital Performance Management

We’ve said it before on this blog that the more frequently and clearly you give feedback to (and gather it from) your employees, the easier it will be to increase their performance. And moving away from a paper system to a digital performance management system can make the whole process seem effortless. From the way you…

Get real value from your One2One Performance Reviews

They’re commonly referred to as 1:1s, one2ones or face-to-face reviews. OR likely a wide variety of slang terms that employees would prefer that the boss not hear about. These one2one performance reviews are also the bane of many a manager’s existence and the C-suite might be left wondering why more value, productivity and engagement is…

The benefits of moving from paper appraisals to a digital system

The business world appears to have a very odd relationship with performance appraisals. According to Willis Towers Watson research, less than half (45%) of employers say that performance management programs are effective, and yet we still do them. The reason for this is that we need them. Managing the performance of employees is crucial for…

Your Guide To Performance Appraisal Best Practices

Ah, the dreaded performance appraisal is looming. That uncomfortable hour every month, quarter and year-end when you and your employees sit face-to-face. After the ceremonies culminate, you’ll both leave the meeting feeling bewildered, deflated and even worse despondent. The good news: this worst-case scenario is avoidable. And, not only is it avoidable, it’s quintessential that…

Accelerating the Sales Department Performance by visualising Key Objectives

Salespeople tend to be highly competitive and driven individuals. Set them a target and apply a commission-based incentive and they’ll apply 100% of their focus to meeting that goal. Works well, right? But what if there was a way to make each of them even more effective? A way to accelerate the sales department’s performance…

4 Ways Visualisation Helps You Shred OKRs & Win At Performance Management

The use of OKRs is no longer saved for the Silicon Valley set. In case you missed it, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a tool that helps to create alignment and engagement around goals that are, most importantly, measurable. OKR rose to a fever pitch in popularity as heavy hitters such as Google, Linkedin and Airbnb…

Why your business desperately needs OKRs and digitalisation

HR and Ops are no strangers to acronyms but in our opinion some are far more important than others for achieving business success. One such acronym that is on our radar a lot here at StaffCircle is OKR. In this post, we’ll tell you why you should be embracing it (if you aren’t already) and…

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