Sites & Check-Ins

Receive location-based information for your distributed workforce

Managing A Distributed Team

International workforce solutions

Sites can be set up to enable employees to receive location-based information and for international sites. Each site can be configured with its own relevant time zone to ensure communication is received at the correct time – and not in the middle of the night. Sites can be configured to enable employee check-in which enables dynamic membership, resource management, and reporting.

Once a member of a site, a person can receive targeted messages and alerts for that site including fire alarm notifications and other Health and Safety information.

Simple setup

Sites are any location that the organization operates from and can be offices, factories, warehouses, or temporary business accommodation. Each site has its own alias (eg: @leicester_office) which allows the site to be referenced throughout the system and targeted communication to be sent. You can add information, photos, maps, parking capacity, associated people, and documents associated. View the information in real-time to manage resources more effectively.

Desk, Non-Desk, Contractors, or Remote Workers

Recruiting across multi-locations

Whether you’re a multi-site or single-site employer, it’s more about having a presence and access to employees outside of business hours. That gives you flexibility in HR staff as to whether you want to house them all under one roof, different roofs or from their homes because it’s electronic data that you’re reviewing.

When your workforce is dispersed, you still want a centralized way to monitor, manage and have visibility into what’s happening at those locations. Having this information safely stored within your performance management software is the most efficient way to do this. Therefore, whether it’s a hiring manager, HR person, or whoever needs to be involved, they can see in real-time when an application comes in, which site it is in relation to, where they are in the process, or if there’s an action that needs to be taken before the next position is executed.

Customizable sites and locations

The StaffCircle cloud HR software can be customized to your own branded look and feel. Change colors, add logos and alter the site names to language that suits your business.