Creating a culture of continuous improvement in construction

Stream Networks is a provider of digital communications infrastructure and cloud services for businesses.

In 2018 they bought StaffCircle to help streamline and add consistency to their performance management process.

Expansion brings challenges

While Stream Networks had expanded significantly since its inception in 2007, the manual, paper-based performance management processes that had been used were no longer fit for purpose. Senior managers were increasingly removed from day-to-day management responsibilities and found measuring and tracking employee performance had become increasingly difficult despite becoming increasingly important for helping the business to scale and grow.

Digitised performance management processes

Employee objectives are now categorised according to their type: performance, development, or culture within the StaffCircle platform. This gives employees customised development objectives and career plans. Executives and managers can also see progress at-a-glance against all current objectives throughout the company

Consistency of reviews and check-ins

Managing reviews and check-ins within StaffCircle has meant employee continuous feedback has been delivered more consistently with fewer meetings missed.

"Implementing StaffCircle has provided us with the visibility that we need in order to understand performance across the company. Objectives are clear to everyone and we've been more consistent with managing our monthly reviews"

Stuart Burdett, Director

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