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Free Webinar

The Future of Workforce Planning : New and more powerful methods

In this webinar we are discussing the most powerful approaches to workforce planning, development and growth.

Free Webinar

From Responsiveness to Resilience: New Ways of Working

In this webinar we'll be looking at what will shape success in 2021 & offer 5 strategies to move you from responsive to resilient.


How HR Leaders Must Deal With Business Disruption

Reacting after a crisis is no longer an effective strategy for business and HR leaders....


Comms & Culture 60 second demo

About-us video with CEO & founder Mark Seemann explaining the benefits and USPs of the StaffCircle platform.


Performance Management 60 Second Demo

Watch a 60 second overview of our platforms performance management capabilities.


Increasing Performance with Objectives Management Ebook

The secret to increasing workforce performance through great objectives management,


Re-Thinking Performance Management 2020 and Beyond

Your resources to create better employee experience through a new approach to performance management and overcome challenges with communication, hardware and tech.


Covid-19 Return-to-work Interview Template & Checklist

Are you returning to the office post lockdown? Access our updated covid-19 return to work checklist, and follow the tick-list


Guide To Objective Key Results (OKR’s)

A quick-start guide to OKR implementation, its history, methodology and benefits