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Staffcircle Return on Investment

Understand how StaffCircle can provide some of the savings outlines in the ROI calculator.


Performance Evaluation Appraisal Form Ebook

Giving HR managers and line managers access to a consistent and standardised performance management process


HR Guide to Resilience

Insights into the latest human capital trends, 2020 and beyond. An extensive list of actions that you can take right now to get through these uncertain times and an extensive list of actions for future proofing your people management.


Bringing Corporate Values To Life

Take control of your corporate culture by embedding your corporate values throughout your organisation.


2021 Workforce Predictions

I don’t suppose anybody has bothered to look back at articles that were written at...


2 Ways to Lead a Resilient Organisation

I saw a meme which said, ‘Can you tell me where the reset button is...

Case Study

Stream Networks

Stream Networks is a provider of digital communications infrastructure and cloud services for businesses. In 2018 they bought StaffCircle to help streamline and add consistency to their performance management process.