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Strategic Workforce Planning

eBook, Guide

A Quick Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

A 15 step guide based on the latest research in strategic workforce planning. Thought leadership distilled into one easy to use document.


The Impact of Performance Management on Employee Motivation

The relationship between performance management and employee motivation is currently undergoing radical changes, as new...


The Future of Workforce Planning

Your e-book to get ahead of the game when it comes to workforce planning, unlocking employee potential and using technology as an amplifier of human capability.

Free Webinar

The Future of Workforce Planning : New and more powerful methods

In this webinar we are discussing the most powerful approaches to workforce planning, development and growth.

Free Webinar

From Responsiveness to Resilience: New Ways of Working

In this webinar we'll be looking at what will shape success in 2021 & offer 5 strategies to move you from responsive to resilient.


Comms & Culture 60 second demo

About-us video with CEO & founder Mark Seemann explaining the benefits and USPs of the StaffCircle platform.


Staffcircle Return on Investment

Understand how StaffCircle can provide some of the savings outlines in the ROI calculator.


Performance Management 60 Second Demo

Watch a 60 second overview of our platforms performance management capabilities.


Artificial Intelligence and Workforce Management Ebook

How artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses connect with and manage employees more efficiently, specifically as it pertains to workers who do not use computers in their everyday work.