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New Ways of Working: Resilience by Design eBook

Critical trends that HR leaders should be mindful of in 2021 and beyond, specific measures that, when implemented, can pave the way towards a more resilient future and propel organisations from 'surviving' to 'thriving'. Real-life examples.


Guide To Objective Key Results (OKR’s)

A quick-start guide to OKR implementation, its history, methodology and benefits


Guide to Building a Successful Communications Strategy

5 tactics to engage employees through communication


Celebrating the team: keeping employees engaged during lockdowns

The prospect of further winter lockdowns and continued, widespread remote working has created a number...


Employee Success: How Automated Appraisals Create Results

One of the key performance management trends of 2020 has seen businesses increasingly move from...

Case Study

Reduce employee turnover, increase engagement – Biotech and Pharma Use Case