Smart Folders & Mobile Documents

Smart Folders & Mobile Documents

Digitise and mobilise your documentation

Enable your workforce to access and upload documents using their mobile phonse using Mobile Documents and Smart Folders technology from Staffcircle.

Site, Team and Project Folders

Use the site folders to store specific documents or images relating to each of your sites.  Project or Team folders can be used by members to view and upload specific documentation or photos relating to that particular project or site. Project Folders can also be used to display documenation about new products and services ensuring your staff have access to current information wherever they are located.

Access documents on the move

StaffCircle can be accessed on the move and even whilst offline for maximum accessibility. Document access can be granted for a person, team or departmental basis using the built-in security groups.

Upload Images and video direct from your smartphone

Your workers all carry smartphones and using the StaffCircle app enables them to take photos and upload them. This can be useful for on-boarding when you want documentation such has a photo of a driving license which can be accomplished easily with 3 clicks on the app.

Smart Folders email link

Getting documents into specific folders is simple thanks to the smart folder feature. This allows any folder created to have its own dedicated email address. When an email containing a file attachment is emailed to this address the attachment is automatically stored in the folder. This means you can configure a smart printer/scanner on StaffCircle and when a document is scanned it can be automatically appear on the mobile and web app without any additinoal manual intervention.

Sync with SharePoint

Some companies already have a document storage solution like SharePoint on their network. Rather than having to duplicate documents stored on both SharePoint and StaffCircle, our platform can be configured to sync certain documents or folders from SharePoint negating the need to manually copy items.

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Mobilising file access to your remote and non-desk based workers is a smart idea because it enables you to connect your people to better information using the smartphones  they carry in their pockets. With StaffCircle’s Smart Folders and Mobile Documents  you can offer great accessibility without compromising your network security.