Employee Engagement Platform | Performance Evaluation | StaffCircle

A Micro-service design, modular approach, built on Azure and capable of planet level scalability, StaffCircle is designed for rapid
expansion and utilisation.

Reporting and Analysis

Module allows deep insights into your Organisation. Reporting can be run ad-hoc or scheduled.

Group Security

Module allows highly granular security configuration of your users and teams.


Allows configuration of all aspects of the organisation including creation of sites (offices/warehouses/factories) where photos, documents and mapping can be configured

GDPR and Security

Module gives your organisation the tools to manage peoples data safely. Innovations include “Secure Fields” –two factor authentication for sensitive data-parts.


The StaffCircle platform is suitable for SMEs with less than a hundred employees and also for larger corporates with thousands of workers across many sites. Our platform is regularly pen tested, clustered and distributed across multiple UK based data-centres separated by more than 150km to ensure survivability in the event of catastrophe. We welcome evaluation and feedback of our platform security and performance.