Employee sentiment with real-time feedback

Employee Sentiment with real-time feedback

Create a secure channel for your workers to express themselves

Employee Sentiment gives your workforce a digital channel to express their feelings at any time. It gives your workers a new outlet that didnt previously exist, a digital version of the happy-or-not kiosks you see in Retail Stores. The simplicity of a one button press means people use it and then our AI powered analytics can start to see difficult to spot trends and patterns.

Patterns of unhappy sentiment can trigger a futher question

Continued or rapid selections of Unhappy Sentiment can indicate potential problems worthy of further investigation. StaffCircle can trigger an additional question asking the person if they wish to talk to someone in private which can then send a multi-channel alert to an appropriate manager for action.

Sentiment Cohort and Pattern analysis

Even if the sentiment module is set to anonymous mode, the system can provide extremely useful data. Which department, site, country or manager has the best sentiment rating for their group in comparison to their cohorts? Time of year analysis can show potential stress peaks in seasonal businesses like retail. and our AI powered Big Data analytics engine can sift through millions of data points to create new insights for leaders.

Discover how new policies or strategy alters  staff sentiment

Many scenarios can affect peoples sentiment, however, marked sentiment change accross an area of your business can show you how people are reacting to a new situation or strategy and indicate its time to create additional communication to clearify the new situation. Sentiment tracking can shine a light on these situations and alert managers that it is time for further action.

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Workforce Sentiment feedback opens up a new channel that your employees don’t currently have. When you consider Retailers, NHS and many other organisations gather information about Customer Sentiment, isnt it time that all Organisations afforded this capability to their most valuable asset – their people? StaffCircle delivers employee sentiment tracking in an unobtrusive and easy to use way as part of our Employee App. The back-office sentiment analysis gives business leaders the tools to uncover previously hidden problem areas in their organisations and also can show when new campaigns or policies deliver an improvement.