Employee Directory and Team Management Features

People and Team Management

Employee Sentiment and Directory

Analysis allows HR to see trends in employee happiness and spot engagement issues early on. Sentiment controls are built into the system and can be set in anonymous mode. Directory management allows HR to enable and disable people, set up new sites and view individual productivity.

Sites & Teams

Using Staffcircle your managers can create new teams which can be permanent or run for a period of time which are useful
for projects. Each team has its own @address and folder on the platform so activity posts can be delivered specifically. Teams also contain required skills which match to the members of the team showing any deficiencies.

Employee Timeline

All employee activities are automatically logged to their own timeline showing a complete 360 degree view of their engagement and progression. Items such as sentiment, article likes and feedback as well as training modules finished, awards received and objectives completed all combine to give you the full picture of the person.

People, Roles and Team Skills

You can allocate a set of existing skills to employees and then they can be allocated more skills as their progress through training and performance appraisals. You can also allocate skills to roles and assign those roles to existing people or have it unfilled. The system can scan existing people in the organisation for matching skills of unfilled roles.

Dynamic Organisational Charts

StaffCircle understands the  relationships within the organisation and can create dynamic Organisational charts with the click of one button. In large and complex organisations with multiple reporting points and cross departmental teams, having the ability to instantly visualise the structures can help future planning and speed up new employee orientation.

Security Group Policies

StaffCircle has an easy to configure but extremely flexible security policy controls. Group policies can be created for various teams to enable and disable certain functions of the app for various groups. For instance, you can configure a group called "Pre-Starters" and disable all functions apart from training so new employees can learn about the company but not have access to deeper company information. If required StaffCircle can also integrate with cloud or on-site Active Directory for Single Sign-On.

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