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Case Study

How this NHS service provider moved away from processes towards employee experiences

Beccles Medical Center

Industry: Healthcare – NHS Service Provider
Company size: 90+ employees
Set up: Office based and off-site employees

The Practice offers health checks under the national NHS scheme to help prevent the onset of specific health problems. Their services are wide ranging from ante-natal to minor surgeries. The establishment is part of Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which ensures that communities and patients receive the right standard of services.

Employee engagement at 87%

Admin time reduced by 66%

Moving away from processes towards employee experiences

Strategic Challenges

HR infrastructure to support operational excellence and ease pressure on staff

Following the latest NHS initiatives, the surgery is set to start giving the coronavirus vaccine out as soon as it is possible. However, this project naturally requires additional resources and extra effort from the hard-working Beccles team.

Whilst the practice adopted a forward-thinking strategy for future proofing even before COVID-19 hit the world; having the right HR infrastructure to support everyday operations and ease the pressure on staff became of paramount importance.

Employee experiences: Staff didn’t feel supported

With a paper-based appraisal system performance management became a tick box exercise that managers carried out once a year then filed away until the following year. This approach had meant holding individuals accountable for their past behaviours as opposed to focusing on the future and driving growth. Staff weren’t always sure where they stood and without a platform for regular discussions and feedback; day to day successes that lift morale were often forgotten.

Efficient remote work: Accessing Operational and Employee Information was difficult

Although the practice has an intranet, important information that was part of the surgery’s Business Continuity Plan had to be downloaded, printed off with managers required to carry physical copies of various documents with them.

HR faced further challenges with having to request information from the Practice Administrator via e-mail, which could take days or weeks to turn around. There was no infrastructure or provision in place to be able to access information off site.

Decision making: running reports based on numerous Excel sheets

In the absence of a central system, the types of reports HR had to produce in order to support strategic decisions meant sifting through and compiling information held within a number of Excel sheets.

As NHS staff rarely work 9-5, employees have different working patterns based on the hours they work. Consequently, payroll also had to check individual working patterns and annual leave entitlement against numerous Excel sheets.

To ensure that holidays and absences were logged, staff first had to e-mail the practice administrator who in turn would seek approval from direct line managers and eventually confirm the outcome of the request.

However, if the administrator wasn’t in on the day the request came through or the request was lost in high volumes e-mails, employees often had to wait weeks for confirmation. All of this added up to duplicate efforts, missed data, several days’ worth of extra admin time and ultimately a cumbersome process.

Solutions & Results

Engagement at 87% high: Real personal experiences and individual moments

Regular feedback: With the implementation of StaffCircle the Beccles team can now get and give regular feedback to each other on the go (on their mobile) allowing employees to record and celebrate daily successes when they do a good job with patients or support each other. This in turn positively impacts their individual experience and morale, which is especially important during these stressful and uncertain times.

There is now a provision in place to replace ‘once a year’, paper-based appraisals with regular check-ins and feedback, all aligned to objectives encouraging continuous development and strategic growth.

Improved employee experiences: User engagement increased by 15% over the last 180 days, averaging around 87% per month, which indicate not only a highly engaged team, but also continuously improving and better than average employee experiences.

Efficient Remote work: Admin time reduced by 66% with instant access to operational and employee information

Secure Cloud based system: Both the Management and the HR teams now have instant access to operational and employee information even if they travel between sites. The process is streamlined, saving time on multiple levels and allowing for quicker and more effective decisions without insecure hard copies of documents. The secure cloud-based system is accessible from anywhere from any device.

Decision making: one central system, access to real-time data, absence management bespoke to healthcare

Reports: Instead of finding information in spreadsheets, HR now has the ability to run reports just by clicking a few buttons. This allows for greater information visibility and consequently quicker and more informed decisions.

Shift specific holiday booking: The absences and holidays process are now streamlined and fast, saving on average 2 days per month for payroll and up to 2 weeks in holiday approval response time for employees. The number of hours spent on admin per month reduced from 24 to 8, whilst holiday approval time reduced from 14 days to 2.

Working with the Beccles Team StaffCircle set up different working patterns based on the hours employees work and each individual now ‘sits’ within these working patterns. Based on the working pattern the system instantly knows when employees book time off what days they should be working in order to take their leave.

Employee experiences: Better and faster processes holistically feed back into creating better employee experiences and reducing the pressure of remote work and extra admin on the whole team allowing these front-line heroes to focus on the life changing work they do for the nation every day.

I love how easy it is to get and give feedback on the go. With the StaffCircle App all information is available regardless of location and there’s no need to carry hard copies of documents. The StaffCircle team always listens to my suggestions and they are incredibly passionate about the future.

Jo Calderon, Transformation Project Lead and HR

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