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Appreciation is a fundamental human need and by spending a little more time recognising employees’ achievements you can improve employee retention and output

Employee Achievements

One of the key foundations of good performance management is celebrating the achievements throughout the company. To successfully encourage achievements, you should consider the tasks that are not core to your workforce’s job responsibilities but are vital for a happy business. Stretch goals are the building blocks for remarkable achievements in the long term and can be an excellent way of pushing your company to excel while driving employees to think in innovative ways.

If you’re struggling with employee retention, you may benefit from incorporating achievement systems into your business. The salary goes a long way to keeping your employees engaged, and if employee retention isn’t that great, you may need to look beyond just their salary. Whilst money is a motivator, it’s essential to take time to recognise employee achievements.

Appreciation is a fundamental human need and by spending a little more time recognising employees’ achievements, you’ll find the overall feeling of the workplace will improve.

Celebrating achievements doesn’t just introduce a ‘feel-good’ factor to the team, it also increases productivity and engagement, brings a sense of ‘family’ to the team, and builds a long-lasting essential bond between manager and employees.

Happy employees make for a happy workplace and in a happy workplace, employees feel appreciated and valued, and are willing to do more for the company. When managers and peers recognise the work ethic of an employee, it brings a sense of pride for the employee, not just in themselves, but also working for the business. An employee is also more likely to repeat that behaviour in order to receive more recognition.

Employees respond to recognition as it validates the work they do and makes them aware that their work has gone a long way. When employees and their work are valued, their productivity and general satisfaction rate will rise.

Connecting Company Values

Every business has a set of values. In order for your employees to achieve and progress, they’ll need to be aware of the values set for your company. If your employees are unsure of your company values, they certainly will be after you express them and promote them.

Enforce your values as much as possible, whether it’s having them displayed throughout your office, as the wallpaper on every desktop or endorsed in every meeting. Once employees have these values established and known to them, they’ll be able to get started on achieving goals linked to the company values.

Leading a team can be a challenging task itself, let alone ensuring all employees are happy and motivated.

Using a system which allows employees to record goals, monitor progress and share them with colleagues is likely to significantly improve their goal achievement rate. To make the most of your employee achievements, you can use an awards classification software which allows you to keep track of individuals’ development and training.

When selecting a category of achievement, you can choose from course certification, course completion, external certification, outstanding work, living the company values or for helping others.

Our awards system lets you record efforts and achievements which are then tallied up. These scores are then shared publicly in real-time on the company intranet for employees to regularly keep track of. The organisations who have used this software have found the software to spur employees on to do more than they thought could have been possible. It works great for core day-to-day tasks, including customer satisfaction, on-time deliveries and volume of sales generated.

Achievements can be set up on the system and applied to individuals to reflect courses or certificates that have been acquired. Achievements can contain certain skills which are automatically allocated to an employee once they have acquired the relevant achievement. Achievements can also have an expiry date to reflect required annual renewals.

With powerful goal-setting tools, you’ll be on the right track to improving company-wide achievement and performance.