The Problem
The Problem

Seeing how internal communications and employee feedback is fundamentally flawed in the workplace, StaffCircle was born.  Poor communications causes low morale and low productivity. Existing communications devices, like email, are inefficient* and do not include structured feedback mechanisms. Especially remote workers are deprived of official communication systems.

The Solution

The brainchild of software entrepreneur Mark Seemann, StaffCircle® creates a place where communications and productivity can flow on any device in any location helping to better empower, engage and enhance your most valuable asset – your people.

The Software

After interviewing many businesses leaders and following countless design sessions, the team set about building the software that would help connect workers like never before.

The Team

StaffCircle product engineering team consists of highly experienced software Developers and architects.

The Platform

Built alongside Microsoft Azure Architects and a member of the Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus program, the company created the StaffCircle platform on Azure based on Micro-Services architecture. StaffCircle is a brandable and extendable mobile and desktop platform for the modern workplace.


StaffCircle does not fit into one of the existing buckets of software. We aren’t HR, ERP or Comms software, what we are is a new type of Unified Work Platform. Instead of building our software around the back-office, we built it for the worker and then worked backwards to the managers office. We believe that engagement and usability is critical to the success of the back office. Without front-end usage, the back-office doesnt have any data to act upon.

Our mission is to Engage, Empower and Enhance all workers, but we can only acheive this if our software is used. So we designed it around the worker, using the same methods as popular consumer software. One finger or thumb operation is all it takes, Non-Technical? No problem. No internet? No problem. No app installed? No problem. Availability, ease of use and accessibility is the StaffCircle way.