People Importer

Quickly add employees and contractors through imports & integrations

Save Time With a Smart HR Database

Import users

Employees can also be synchronised from Office 365 active directory if the Office 365 integration is configured.

Simply drag and drop your Excel file into our cloud HR software with the correct columns, the system will notify you of any issues regarding first name, last name, mobile number postcode etc. and once all are ticked, press complete the Import. No fancy data work is necessary. StaffCircle checks the records for you, so your database is clean and organised from the start. Plus, create custom properties as you go, so your data matches your company’s setup.

Easy to use

Moving to new software can seem daunting— there are a lot of moving parts, and the last thing you want is to lose any of your organisation’s vital historical data. We want the experience of all of our users to be effortless. This is why where possible we replicate functionality across the platform. Once you know how to work one module you will pick up the others intuitively.

Whether you’re adding bulk users or onboarding an individual, the process is quick and easy.

Centralised People Data

Everything you need, in one place

Import all your records in one go, into one centralised platform. Bring job roles, skills, rewards, development plans and feedback into the system and add them to the organisational chart. No manual re-configuration is necessary.

Streamlining HR Processes
  • A centralised place for employee information
  • Available on desktop and mobile for flexible access
  • A clear digital paper trail for compliance and appraisals
  • Staff always have the organisational information they need
  • Secure data access levels for employees and managers
  • Manage on an individual level or bulk import