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Performance management tools

How HR Automation strengthens your organisation

StaffCircle helps you engage and empower your entire workforce, improving business performance.

It creates a place where communications and productivity functions can flow across any device, in any location. You can reach and interact with everyone in the most relevant and convenient way for each person and for your business.

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Increasing the productivity, engagement and retention of your employees pays back in a big way.

StaffCircle helps reduce staff turnover, speeds up on-boarding and improves communication and inclusivity, delivering the same information, appreciation and feedback opportunities to every employee, wherever they work and however they choose to access the StaffCircle app.

Typically, it costs an organisation over £30,000 every time an employee leaves. It can take six months or more to get a replacement up to speed. Our ROI calculator shows you how StaffCircle could improve the bottom line for your specific organisation.

A more efficient HR operation can focus on strategic activities that directly improve business performance. StaffCircle streamlines and automates processes so your HR people can focus on value-adding, expert activities. It’s a one-stop shop for a suite of performance and engagement tools that measurably improves business attainment.

Combine this with StaffCircle’s real-time, end-to-end, data-driven insights for the entire workforce and you have an HR team that can dive deeply into what’s driving or obstructing performance and engagement. They can be pre-emptive and proactive, addressing targeted issues and making confident decisions to improve the organisation’s performance culture.

Today, not many organisations have a workforce that operates under one roof, with everyone working at the same time. Flexible employees work from home, from different locations, out in the field, part-time, across shifts or on contract.

Keeping everyone informed about company policies, announcements and news is a constant challenge. Silos and an “us and them” culture can create barriers to productivity and make people feel unvalued and unmotivated. With StaffCircle, you can segment and target your communications to connect easily with all your people using the devices and media that suit them best.

If unexpected events temporarily change people’s workstyle or location, StaffCircle supports resilience, so your team can adapt quickly and continue supporting customers. You can communicate with everyone, wherever they are.

Performance reviews and trusted feedback are key to maintaining productivity and developing your people. With StaffCircle, you can seek and gather 360 degree feedback about everyone. It’s quick and easy for anyone to provide information and it’s a transparent process, so each employee can see their feedback in real time – from peers and managers across multiple projects or teams.

StaffCircle automates scheduling of regular reviews and issues reminders, so no-one is left out and everyone’s progress and achievements are tracked. When company goals and projects change, it’s easy for people to understand their contribution and adapt their activities and objectives.

With performance management data and progress in one place, StaffCircle provides a single source of truth for your organisation. Leaders and managers can see reports on performance, progress, development and attrition. With better data and insights, you can see a consolidated view of employees, teams and the overall workforce, helping you plan for growth and improvement.

Track employee engagement continually with pulse surveys and communication data. You can see how employees interact through StaffCircle and use the information to improve their experience, building a motivated and loyal workforce across every location and function.

For HR teams and managers, working with spreadsheets and various individual performance and communication tools is time-consuming and inefficient. Data is lost, reviews are missed and employees are left out, because everyone’s busy with the day job.

StaffCircle makes it easy and convenient to keep up with performance management, communication and employee engagement tasks within one platform. It streamlines workflow, reminding everyone when actions are due. It works across all devices and channels, so there’s no need to recreate communications or rekey information.

We created the StaffCircle platform on Microsoft Azure. It’s fully integrated with Microsoft’s latest Cloud and 365 technologies, so it’s secure, reliable, flexible and familiar to users, making it easy to launch and adopt without any formal training.

StaffCircle is a customisable and extendable mobile and desktop platform for the modern workplace.

We continually enhance StaffCircle to meet customers’ needs: 50% of ongoing platform developments are directly driven by customer feedback. Other developments are driven by market-led technology innovation and new features and capabilities released by Microsoft. You get access to new features and enhancements immediately, with no upgrade charges.