Create a highly-productive and motivated workforce by monitoring engagement and giving your employees a voice.

Build a team of highly-engaged individuals.

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StaffCircle provides a work platform which improves internal communication and feedback and provides easy access to training, ideas, tasks and company directory.


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Employee Net Promoter Score Surveys

  • Gain insights into Promoters, Passives and Detractors

  • Deliver relevant messages to select employees based on location, project teams, or security group.

  • Real-time insights enable greater speed of action to prevent problems before they become a crisis.

Employee Engagement

Reduce Staff Attrition and Create Greater Employee Engagement

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"Good company with a very capable product - its the only one I've seen that doesn't need an app download so easy for me to recommend."

John S., Construction Manager

Give Employee's a Voice

Create a space for gathering employee feedback, sharing ideas, and testing new initiatives.

Measure Engagement

Track employee Net Promoter Score over time and make adjustments where required.

Unify the Workforce

Breakdown silos and "Us & them" cultures but creating an inclusive workforce with a shared vision.

Improve Productivity With Communications

  • Attach tasks to communications with responses captured

  • Quickly send critical alerts to an individual, a team, or the whole company

"Staffcircle has helped us communicate with our staff better. We are a remote working [business] so replicating a online team environment has improve motivation and morale."

Dale M., Director

  • Use social engagement with likes and comments to gather employee feedback

  • Send polls and employer net promoter score (eNPS) surveys to monitor employee engagement

Receive feedback and capture employee sentiment 

"Great tool for performance tracking. The product is very mobile friendly which is what we  [need] for a workforce that isn't office based."

LinkedIn Verified Reviewer

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