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Workforce Communication

Man wearing facemask

Return to Work Procedures & Best Practices

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown has affected millions of businesses in a variety of ways. Whether your company closed down its offices entirely and furloughed all staff, or made the swift transition to all employees working remotely, it’s now time to prepare to return

structing a return to work interview

A Guide To Structuring Return-To-Work Interviews

Understanding the needs and requirements of employees’ health and well-being is crucial if you want to ensure a healthy and productive workplace. If work-related stress or illness gets out of hand, the costs to businesses can be high. Return to work interviews can help provide

Engage, Empower and Enhance your workforce with StaffCircle

Today our company is proud to announce the release of StaffCircle, an Employee Communications and Workforce Automation Platform. A platform literally years in the making! A culmination of my 20 years experience in founding and growing a number of high performance businesses and our team’s

employee engagement

Employee Engagement And The Theory Behind It

  There’s been a shift taking place in workplaces around the globe. The shift is one that places emphasis on the concept of employee engagement. While the shift and emphasis have taken place and continue to gain momentum, it still can be complicated to define,