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7 Tips For Setting Effective Stretch Goals

Stretch goals can be a great way of pushing your company to excel while driving employees to think in innovative ways. But simply setting ambitious goals and expecting everything to fall into place isn’t enough. If you want to optimise your performance management system with

Aligning And Connecting Your Teams To Meet Your Goals

Some of the major obstacles for companies hitting their big targets come from a lack of transparency and alignment between employees and teams. But as studies such as Robert Kaplan and D. P. Norton’s The Strategy-Focused Organization for Harvard Business School have shown, only 7% of

Return-to-work Interview Template

Effectively manage attendance and reduce absenteeism with better return-to-work interviews. Return-to-work interviews can discourage unauthorised and non-genuine sickness absence. Using the StaffCircle Return-To-Work Interview questions you will: welcome employees back and check they are well enough to work update employees about any changes that have taken place during their

Alternative Performance Appraisal Template Pack

Performance management can be a complicated process that consumes a lot of time, has a lot of paperwork, and sometimes fails to make a positive contribution to a business. On the other hand, sometimes, performance management is simple and incredibly effective. This Alternative Performance Review