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How HR Leaders Must Deal With Business Disruption

Reacting after a crisis is no longer an effective strategy for business and HR leaders. Responding to business disruptions is taking on a proactive form, with HR leaders adopting a strategy which seeks to understand potential challenges before they happen through comprehensive data analytics and

Employee phone performance management

Best Performance Management Software 2020 Review

As businesses continue to adapt to the pressures of transitioning from remote working during lockdown to on-site working, making sure they have the best performance management software is more important now than ever before. The debate over paper versus digital is over and companies which

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What Are SMART Objectives?

Goal setting is one of the universal facts of life. Whether we’re trying to fulfil our personal ambitions or simply making the most of our spare time, planning ahead and setting objectives is a fundamental aspect of the way we live. In the corporate world

A Guide To Performance Management Cycles

For companies seeking to stay ahead of the competition, annual performance reviews are no longer enough. Instead, an ongoing process between managers and employees encompassing goal-setting, continuous feedback and recognition is necessary for growth-inducing motivation and engagement. These processes are drawn together in the performance

HR solutions for small businesses

10 HR Solutions For Small Businesses

Small businesses looking to be competitive and demonstrate consistent growth face a number of unique challenges to achieving these goals, so making sure the right HR and performance management systems are in place is crucial. Creating a positive relationship with employees, encouraging innovative solutions through

Employee appraisal

Covid-19 Return-to-work Interview Template & Checklist

Are you returning to the office post lockdown? Access our updated covid-19 return to work checklist, and follow the tick-list on how to make the workplace safe, working practices and employee communication. Effectively manage attendance and reduce absenteeism with better return-to-work interviews. Return-to-work interviews can
Annual Performance Reviews

Annual Performance Reviews VS Ongoing Feedback

Annual performance reviews are still commonly used in many businesses. Yet numerous studies have shown that ongoing feedback performance management can reduce staff turnover, minimize absenteeism and boost your bottom line through better engagement. Here’s how annual performance reviews compare to ongoing feedback, and why

hurdles to giving reliable feedback

7 Hurdles To Giving Reliable Feedback

Are you struggling to make the most of your company feedback systems? While giving and receiving feedback sounds simple in theory, in practice HR managers and business leaders can face a wide variety of unseen hurdles which prevent their feedback from being reliable and constructive.