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Hunter Warfield is looking to save $39,000 by signing with StaffCircle

We are pleased to have Hunter Warfield on board with StaffCircle.

The US based company provides revenue recovery and risk mitigating services. Their mission is creating a positive change in the financial lives of all of their clients, whilst ensuring a results-driven, but empathetic approach to business.

The innovative and forward-thinking team has been proactively utilising technology throughout various aspects of their business. However, they faced a number of challenges with their previous HR software:

Challenges before StaffCircle

  • Analytics & Reporting: The Hunter Warfield HR team spent up to 2 weeks every quarter manually collecting individual employee objectives data for a strategic performance report for their President. There was no analytics infrastructure for tracking individual progress against company and departmental goals.
  • Critical health and safety related communication: Based in Florida and Guatemala the company often has to send out Health and Safety related critical alerts to its distributed team, such as hurricane alerts. However, they had to rely on an sms service, which meant no tracking ability or reporting capability on who read the messages or any critical internal communications.
  • Costs: Considering the time spent on pulling information together and the lack of reporting and communications infrastructure the costs of the pervious HR software at $25,000 were significant.

Reasons for choosing StaffCircle

  • StaffCircle’s birds-eye view analytics with a heat map will save up to 8 weeks of administrative time for the Hunter Warfield HR team each year. The President will be able to log in at any time and check individual, departmental and company level progression.
  • StaffCircle is considerably more cost effective than the previous HR Software was, adding up to forecasted savings of $39,000 over just 2 years.
  • The Communications module will allow managers to reach employees on their preferred channel, regardless of location and create visibility of messages read.